After a nearly two year-long application process, Dover Greens has decided to rescind a $500,000 grant awarded to them by The Empire State Development’s, Restore New York Communities Initiative.

In February of 2016, working along-side of and with the consent of the Dover Town Board, Dover Greens submitted an application to Restore New York to provide asbestos abasement and design surveys for what is known as building seventeen (17) on all site plans previously submitted to the Town Planning Board.

Shortly after being informed by Town Officials that Dover Greens had met all application requirements and had indeed been selected to receive a $500,000 Restore New York award, grant officials contacted Dover Greens with concerns that the funding would be used for abatement of the building used primarily by religious institution Olivet University which actually don’t qualify for the Restore New York program.

Dover Greens officials indicated to Restore New York that the religious use of building 17 had not only been provided in the initial application seeking the grant but throughout the entire process and that it would have saved Dover Greens significant time and money if the religious exception had been clearly stated in the application process.

Therefore, in a joint decision, Dover Greens and Restore New York have jointly agreed to rescind the Restore New York grant award and have stated that no amount of the $500,000 grant has ever been issued to Dover Greens and that no amount of the grant money was ever spent by Dover Greens.