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During the Fall of 2016 the Dover Greens Project received planning board approval of its Phase I Construction Plan and also completed the recent purchase of what is known as the West Side property. These two events have now positioned Dover Greens to move forward with the comprehensive strategic plan originally designed since its purchase of property in the Town of Dover in 2013.

A significant part of that original design includes full utilization of the West Side golf course property. The goals are to explore development of needed student and faculty housing on part of the land, and to renovate the golf course into a premier instructional facility that will serve as an integral part of Olivet University’s sports and recreational programs.

To achieve the goals of providing instructional classes and practice facilities, meetings have been arranged with PGA management professionals to develop the golf course and to provide the proper curriculum for PGA-recognized instructional programs. These programs will be offered to the University students as well as those in K-12 elementary and high school.

The University also envisions to provide different disciplines of sports facilities, including soccer, basketball, baseball, track and field, tennis and bowling.

Olivet University believes that the transformation of the existing golf course into a first class golf academy and various athletic facilities will be a catalyst, along with the IT and Research and Development Park, in attracting both students and businesses to the area and will help reinvigorate the economy in the Town of Dover.